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New Report Released on 2011 U.K. Spa Market: With Exclusive Commentary About How to Translate What's Working for the U.K. to U.S. Spas

Posted: October 18, 2011

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Only on Insight from Maria Clarke of Diagonal Reports about how the spa industry in the United Kingdom is working to make itself relevant during the recession.

The U.K. spa market, like that in the United States, exploded in less than a decade. Spas offer wellness in a way which was previously unavailable. By combining wellness therapies with innovative beauty treatments they have expanded the market and increased their sales.

Spas have customized treatments and therapies to meet the needs of the pressurized urban lifestyle. They provide de-stress massages, which energize tired people and have rolled out treatments that relieve muscle tension, the bugbear of computer-based work.

They have compressed popular wellness therapies into capsulelike treatments that suit busy city lifestyles. They offer the lunchtime massage and/or facial for clients.

Spas have tapped into the male market in a major way by offering sports-related massage. Men account for a significant part of spa sales. In the addition, the new spa culture which has been created is proving attractive to younger women who find the traditional beauty salon intimidating.