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Similar Attitudes Toward Beauty Exist Across Different Latitudes—With Exclusive Commentary About How These Attitudes Can Guide Your Medical Esthetics Business

Posted: May 26, 2011

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According to the Merz Aesthetics “Face Value” Beauty Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, among more than 2,900 women from France, Italy, Spain, Russia and the United Kingdom, more than 9 in 10 (95%) women would like to improve or alter a facial feature and nearly 4 in 5 (78%) believe it is acceptable for women to invest in aesthetic procedures to enhance their beauty as they age. The survey also found a strong tie between beauty, happiness and confidence. In fact, a majority of women (70%) surveyed said they feel most beautiful when they are happy and even more said that when they are happy, they feel more beautiful (89%) and when they feel beautiful they are more confident (89%).

The “Face Value” Beauty Survey also found that the majority of women (70%) surveyed said that they feel more confident as they age. They also claim they do not mind looking their age—they just do not want to look older.

“We listen to our customers and understand that modern women throughout the world, regardless of age, race or personal circumstances have an unapologetic desire to feel beautiful,” says Steve Basta, CEO of Merz Aesthetics. “Whether she is in Seoul, Seattle, São Paulo or Stockholm, today’s woman is clearly interested in products and procedures that enable her to create a more beautiful, and more confident, but not necessarily younger looking version of herself.”

Silvia Schweickart, brand manager, Filler & Toxin Portfolio, for Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, tells women's beauty attitudes both globally and in the United States, providing insight into what is motivating your clients' beauty desires. What do these results say about beauty needs throughout the world?

Schweickart: "Beauty truly is personal across the globe. Although many found aspects of themselves that they would like to change, the Face Value Beauty Survey found that 98% of women have at least one body aspect they would like to improve or change, The majority (80%) of women believe that beauty is under everyone’s control. Further, an additional 57% disagree that beauty is in the genes and cannot be created. Women understand that there are treatment options available to enhance their appearance and are demonstrating an increased willingness to try these procedures: nearly three quarters (73%) of the women surveyed said they want aesthetic procedures in order to fix some aspects of their appearance." How do the attitudes in the Face Value Beauty Survey mirror those in the United States?