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Spa Industry Report for Asia-Pacific Released--With Exclusive Commentary From Julie Garrow About How to Provide a Unique Experience Inspired by This Region

Posted: April 27, 2011

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Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas, tells how this insight can help you consider adding globally inspired elements to stand apart from your competition.

Today's U.S. spa should be constantly looking for ways to stand apart from its competition. By meeting the needs of your clients and offering a unique, results-oriented skin wellness experience, U.S. spas can begin to find the success that they had before the recession. Following is advice from Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas, if your spa is looking to incorporate treatments or techniques from the Asia-Pacific region to bring a unique experience to your clients.

According to Garrow: "Many spa markets in the Asia-Pacific region are very unique because they source their spa treatments from centuries’ old traditional therapies. The therapists learn a range of treatments as a way of life before they begin their spa career, which enables them to deliver a lifetime of understanding and caring to each client they service. When such traditional therapies are practiced in an authentically designed spa environment, the spa client receives a unique and genuine experience which is very difficult to replicate. These Asian spas may inspire other spas around the world by encouraging authenticity within both their spa treatments and spa facility design."