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Spa Industry Report for Asia-Pacific Released--With Exclusive Commentary From Julie Garrow About How to Provide a Unique Experience Inspired by This Region

Posted: April 27, 2011

Only on Exclusive commentary from Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas, is included in this news item explaining how spas in the Asia-Pacific region can inspire your domestic spa to offer unique, results-oriented skin wellness services.

Intelligent Spas published the first Spa Industry Report for Asia-Pacific, which contains data on all 42 countries across the region. This new research covers total industry revenue and employment numbers by country, collected during Intelligent Spas’ Global Spa Benchmark Program, as well as information relating to which spa markets are supported by industry associations and government departments, enforce legal requirements and training standards, plus practice traditional spa therapies. Each country was also analyzed and categorized according to market status including mature market, growing market, emerging market or potential future market.

Explains Andrew Jacka, APSWC chairman, “Compiled by our Premier Research Partner, Intelligent Spas, the report was released to delegates of the 5th APSWC Spa Forum held from March 23–25, 2011 in Phuket Thailand. Given this is the first time such a report has been published, it has served to highlight the importance of the spa sector to the tourism industry in the region, acknowledging the significant number of professional spas that are already in existence, while showing that a number of Asia-Pacific countries have yet to establish their first spa.”

“This new Regional Spa Industry Report is a vital resource in understanding the spa industry across Asia-Pacific and will prove useful in its continued development,” states Julie Garrow, managing director of 100% independent research company Intelligent Spas. “Following the global economic instability the world has experienced during recent years, this research is timely to assist stakeholders within the industry to recognize changes in each marketplace, adapt their business strategies accordingly, identify new business opportunities and maximize overall performance.” Key research findings:

The full report is available from Intelligent Spas website at