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Innovative and Traditional Austria

By: Jonathan Selzer, PhD
Posted: August 23, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The sauna at Quellenhotel & Spa in Bad Waltersdorf.

The sauna is an integral part of the spa experience throughout Austria, as evidenced here at Quellenhotel & Spa in Bad Waltersdorf.

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Because of the support of the medical industry, the spa experience is not restricted to the wealthy. All people, rich or poor, can enjoy the healing waters of an Austrian spa if their physician writes the prescription. This makes the spa more of a mainstream concept than in the United States, where it is still more esoteric and limited to those who can afford it.

Environmental sustainability. Another issue dear to the Austrian heart is environmental sustainability. Not only is organic fare the main type of food offered at Austrian spas, but many of the buildings and facilities are built with sustainability as a central concept. Heat is geothermal, and wood surfaces are treated with natural paints and varnishes. The typical alpine architecture is designed to make the most use of the natural resources available, especially from solar and geothermal sources.

Traditional and modern

Austrian spas are unique, steeped in centuries of tradition and experience, and spiced with modern technologies. They offer an escape from everything mundane for anyone in need. A visit to an Austrian spa is well worth the trip; this unique blend of old and new high up in the Alps is an experience that can be found almost nowhere else.