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Six Senses Builds Austrian Alps Resort

Six Senses Resort and Spa are developing a new resort in the Austrian Alps set to be finished in 2020. The Kitzbuhel Alps Resort will provide delicious local cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and pivotal treatment plans.

Study Warns: Non-certified Surgeons Marketing on Instagram

“The confusing marketing on social media is putting people at risk,” said Clark Schierle, M.D., Ph.D. “There have been many recent reports of patient harm and deaths resulting from inexperienced providers offering services outside of their area of expertise.”

Survey: Dry Skin in the Winter is Among the Biggest Woes for Americans

In honor of Winter Skin Relief Day, on January 8, CeraVe's Winter Skin Relief Day survey, conducted online by Harris Poll, asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults how they really feel about dry skin during winter.

Update Your Intake

With so many factors constantly changing in a person's life it is important for spa owners to stay up to date on their clients intake form. By having a client fill out their personal and medical information, spas can provide the best care and treatment for their clients with no harm.

Infection Control: Be Safe, Not Sorry

Keeping a clean esthetic work area is extremely important to practice. From standard precautions in the treatment room to understanding what different types of infections you can get or give, infection control is extremely important to be educated on.

US Beauty Mask Market Predicted to 'Grow Exponentially Through 2021'

The U.S. market represents about 3.5% of the global market while China, on the other hand, represents almost half of all global face mask buyers.

Girls Spa Offers Beauty and Confidence

Darling Divas Novelty Kids Spa goes above and beyond to help the little girls that come in for their spa day leave feeling empowered and encouraged to be their best self.

Viejas Builds Resort For Wellness and Customization

The Viejas Casino and Resort is taking a new, holistic approach to wellness with their adult-only hotel tower that is opening in February 2018. The guest will receive an entirely customizable experience with access to the new saltwater pool, fitness center, tranquility garden, and full service spa.

Nordic Thermotherapy Opens in North America

Three moms bring the benefits of thermotherapy to North America with a spa launch. This new hot to cold temperature treatment is filled with physical and mental benefits that boost overall wellness.

The Potential of Your Presence

How mindful you are of your client’s energy and how you manage your personal presence may determine if your client rebooks a next session with you, purchases products or even whether or not they give you a positive online review.

Partnership Helps Promote Esthetic Wellness

Virtual Health Partners has collabroated with MedResults Network to promote esthetic wellness and support nutritional care to clients of plastic surgeons, medical spas and esthetic medical physicians.

3 Ways to Boost Your Spa Business in 2018

From social media to no-cellphone policies to retail strategies, spas have more tools than ever to offer their clients experiences that will keep them coming back and spending more.

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