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The Reality of Reverse Tanning

You may have heard buzzing about reverse or white tanning, a popular treatment in Seoul, South Korea where fair skin is a cultural preference due to historical class statuses.

Will Cruelty-free Skin Care Become the New Norm?

Turkey is the latest country to join the group of regions that have banned animal testing for cosmetics/skin care; Russia is considering a ban as well.

Top 8 Biz Lessons from An Esthetician Mentor

Rather than sharing everything I learned from the event, which would be a book in itself, I will share with you the top eight biz lessons I learned took away.

Inside the Secret Minds of Males

Dollar Shave Club reveals grooming findings from its Grooming Survey conducted online by Harris Poll among more than 6,000 males aged 18 and older.

Catterton Plans to Acquire Steiner Leisure

Catterton has entered into an agreement to acquire Steiner Leisure, effective early 2016.

Spa Standard and Belly Friendly To Do Pregnancy Training

Spa Standard announced a partnership with Belly Friendly that will make pregnancy massage training more accessible to therapists and spas worldwide.

Demographics Are Dead

The old standard of predicting customer behavior based on their demographics—age, gender, income and nationality—may now be obsolete.

Bioelements Announces New Team Member

Bioelements announced the newest addition to the digital marketing team, Kristy Cullinane.

Ranking the Most Wrinkle-prone States

A study completed a state-by-state analysis to determine the U.S. states where residents are most prone to skin damage caused by lifestyle, occupational and environmental factors.

10 Things To Ask During An Interview

Build your team for the busy holiday season. Ten industry experts were asked their favorite interview question. Here are #10things you can ask during the hiring process to acquire top talent.

Dermalogica Reaches Out Globally at 2015 Congress

More than 2,500 business owners, managers, spa directors and skin therapists from over 60 countries worldwide attended Dermalogica’s 10th Congress in Las Vegas on Aug. 9-10, 2015. This year's event set records for the company, as the biggest in its history.

SpaFinder Announces Wellness Travel Awards Finalists

SpaFinder announced the finalists for the Wellness Travel Awards 2015.

A Good Influence with Seven Brown

Making the client feel better about themselves is one of the top goals for this pioneer in paramedical esthetics.

Finding the Right Machine

Understanding the key factors involved in choosing the right machine functionalities for the treatment room is imperative to a spa’s success.

Spa Treatments Leave Land for Sea and Sky

Mobile spas have been popular in recent years, but recent openings give new meaning to the traveling spa, as spa treatments have left land for sea and sky.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo Revamps T Spa

Grand Hotel Tremezzo announced the completely revamped T Spa.

Seven Steps to Incorporating Medical Esthetics

It may be time for some spa owners to consider adding medical-grade products and services to their menu.

SKINtuition: 3 Tools of the Trade Every Skin Pro Needs

In this microcurrent, LED, hydrodermabrasion machines-in-the-marketplace madness, we forget about the indispensable tools of the trade. They may not be sexy, but to me, they are the workhorse essentials that lend success to every skin professional.

LookBooker Appoints New Partners

LookBooker announced Eden and Alan Sassoon, the family of the late hair industry icon Vidal Sassoon, were appointed as co-partners of the company.

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