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23 Secrets of the Best Esthetic Practices

Beating all the odds, the esthetic market grew 123% in the last 10 years—right through the recession. Here are the top 23 secrets of what successful practices are doing, so you can do them too.

Planet Beach Brings Automated Spa to LA

Planet Beach is debuting in Los Angeles with an automated spa menu that includes a red light therapy bed for wrinkles, a meditation system with infrared head and shiatsu chairs, among others.

ISPA Chair Michael Tompkins Joins Hutchinson Consulting

Michael G. Tompkins was named executive recruiter for Hutchinson Consulting. Tompkins currently serves as chair of the International Spa Association (ISPA).

The 5 Senses of Consistent Spa Design

When you design or redesign your spa, it’s important to consider your brand and the feeling that you want your clients to have when they walk in the door. One trick I’ve learned is to design a spa by considering the five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

Gloss Media and inMarket Team Up to Conquer 'Errand Mode'

Gloss Media and inMarket are coming together to enable brands to engage women when they are in the salon, or "errand mode."

La Costa Names New Spa Director

Leslie Johnson will be responsible for overseeing and creating the overall programming at The Spa at La Costa.

Aromatherapy Pioneer Honored with ISPA Visionary Award

The International Spa Association will present the 2016 ISPA Visionary Award to honor the late Geraldine Howard.

SKINtuition: 8 Fast and Slow Retail Strategies

Spa owners need to make retail a focus instead of an afterthought, and our approach to retail and services should be both fast and slow. Sounds confusing? Let me explain.

Ask the Esthy: Professional Products and Pre-booking

In this month's Ask the Esthy column, Crete explains how an esthetician can steer their clients away from drugstore products to professional products as well as bringing up pre-booking.

#10Things to Decrease Spa Liability

This #10things you can do to protect your business, your personal liability and your clients was compiled with help from Jesse Cormier, director of industry relations for ASCP.

Safety First: 3 Tips to Minimize Beauty Risk

No esthetician or beauty professional sets out to hurt their clients. Still, it can be easy to forget that relaxing, pampering skin care and beauty services are capable of harm.

Take the Pulse on Your Spa Personnel's Satisfaction

Check out the top 10 warning signs that your workers are feeling glum at work, according to Inc. magazine.

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