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SKINtuition: Merchandising Secrets You Need to Know (BTW, they can boost retail by 35%.)

Consumers are buying more skin care products than ever–there’s no reason they shouldn’t be purchasing them from you. Let’s make it easy on them and ourselves by putting our products to work. Follow these tips to swiftly see a positive shift.

#10Things to Maximize Advanced Training Classes

As skin care therapists, we all have a desire to learn and grow. With so much information out there, here are 10things to consider before signing up for an advanced training class.

A Good Influence with Beverly Fox-Crismond

In 2011, Fox-Crismond became the spa director for One Ocean Resort Spa by Remington Hotels (Atlantic Beach, Florida) and has assisted with the opening of numerous spas in the group’s portfolio.

The Age of Specialization 4.0

Specialized services have given rise to new products, advanced technology and up-to-date training techniques that benefit both the client and the provider. Successful providers have built brands based on their name, and by aligning themselves with product and training companies.

Special Events Now Allowed for Texas Cosmetologists

In Texas, state-licensed barbers and cosmetologists can now offer their professional services at a location other than their facilities such as a special event including weddings.

Soothe Arrives In Chicago

Soothe announced their app has been extended for use in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Now Banned in California: Microbeads

Plastic microbeads, commonly used in facial scrubs, are prohibited in California on and after Jan. 1, 2020.

How 8 Spas Are Recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Find out how spas around the U.S. are making an impact on breast cancer awareness fundraising.

Spa Week Snapshot: Purebeauty Salon & Spa Pittsburgh

Its that time of year again, Spa Week is upon us, taking place Oct. 12-18, 2015, all over the United States.

How to Make Your Spa a Better Neighbor

If you want your spa story to stay on the neighborhood best seller list, you need to make sure that you understand the message your exterior is sending.

10 Skin Tips from Facialists

Well+Good put together a list of facialist tips for better skin.

Good News for Lips and Med Spas

FDA approves Juvederm Ultra XC, a dermal filler that can reportedly last up to one year for lip augmentation.

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