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Ask The Esthy

This month, Crete addresses esthetician concerns regarding being overwhelmed and using online video as a marketing tool.

SKINtuition: Motivate Millennial Staff

One of the challenges I hear is how to find, motivate and hold onto millennial staff. To turn this trial into a triumph, it helps to know what makes the millennial mind tick.

#10Things to Learn Right Now

Our industry is evolving, and it’s time to challenge yourself to explore something new. We are happier skin therapists and deliver better service when we are constantly learning. Here are #10things to learn right now.

Launching for a Mindful Luxury

Mindful Luxury announced the launch of a new website to kick off their 2016 campaign. Currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company has plans to emerge onto the national and international market this year.

In Case You Missed It: This Week in News

Busy week? Catch up with this week's industry news.

Mamma Mia, For Mothers and Daughters

Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar celebrated its grand opening in Guadlajara, Mexico on February 3, 2016. Mamma Mia will focus on providing a unique beauty, health and wellness experience for mothers and daughters.

WTS International Names New Director

WTS International appointed Penny Kriel as corporate operations director for spa.

Illuminate Takes a Gamble in Vegas

Illuminate Face & Body Bar is bringing a new approach to wellness in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Increasing Value to Stay Competitive

Become more competitive by setting the bar higher for your spa with multi-benefit treatments, wellness beverages, better retail, add-ons, staff training and clear communication. Taking these extra steps and focusing on the details will play off in the long run by meeting client goals and making them want to book again.

$pa Marketing: Your Inside Scoop on Viral Video

In business, I am all about “catching a virus” and spreading it like crazy. I’m referring to anything that can be shared by one person with another until it catches on and “goes viral.”

Marinello Closes Its Doors

Marinello schools of Beauty announced that it has shut down its campuses due to actions by the Department of Education.

Phytomer Announces New Account Manager

Phytomer announced the hiring of their new account manager for the New England region.

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