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Antonella Tosti Awarded First Fredric Brandt Endowed Professorship

The $1 million professorship will enable Tosti, M.D., to continue her research and education in dermatology.

Esthetics Meet Education: Part II

Steven Dayan, M.D., FACS, shared his take on the evolution and future of medical esthetics and his role in training up-and-comers in the industry in an exclusive interview with Skin Inc.

Massages to the Beat of Salsa at Ritz-Carlton, South Beach

The Ritz-Carltoin, South Beach has reopened its spa in Miami, Florida. This spa will feature relaxation pools, 14 treatment rooms and locally influenced treatments.

Stories of Success…With Danné Montague-King

Danné Montague-King's passion for science education led him to discover novel ingredient technologies, patent revolutionary protocols and pioneer the combination of esthetic practices and procedures found only in the doctor’s office to pave the way to the modern day medical spa.

Delayed Flight?...Get a Massage

XpressSpa has announced their kiosk and pop-up spa prototype for airports, which will offer express treatments for travelers.

Mark Lawrence Becomes CFO of Nu Skin Enterprises

Effective March 27, Mark Lawrence has been appointed the CFO of Nu Skin Enterprises, replacing Ritch Wood who has been promoted to CEO.

Harold Lancer Receives Beauty Enhancement Award

The dermatologist contributes his success to focusing on “believable beauty” and the power of both nutrition and skin care. A few of Lancer's patients include Beyoncé, Margot Robbie and Victoria Beckham.

Stem Cells Meet Technology for Skin Repair

Canadian scientists are tackling inefficient skin graft options with the introduction of stem cell technology to facilitate growth and healing in injured skin.

Bioelements Hires Spa and School Manager

Stephanie Nelson-Penland joined the Bioelements team as the spa and school manager with 10 years of experience in account management and business development within the spa industry and experience as a massage therapist in the Caribbean.

Lash It Out: NovaLash Competition Announces Winners

At the annual LASHoff competition, NovaLash announced two winners for their LASH Artist of the Year award.

Esthetics Meet Education: Part I

Steven Dayan, M.D., FACS, wrote the book on what motivates people to be beautiful and strives to use that knowledge in his Chicago-based practice and in his various efforts to educate estheticians and medical spa professionals.

The Importance of Aftercare: How Skin Care Products Benefit Medical Spa Patients

The most effective and marketable services offered by a medical spa will almost always be the treatments provided. However, you're doing your practice a disservice if you're not sending your patients home with the proper aftercare product.

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