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Addressing Acne and Aging From the Inside Out

By: JoElle Lee
Posted: January 2, 2014, from the January 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Addressing Acne and Aging From the Inside Out

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Skin care professionals should incorporate dietary and lifestyle questions into their skin analysis and consultations. This will give more insight to the client’s overall health and well-being, and allow the professional to recommend a holistic or natural approach to the current condition of the skin. This will also help you to emphasize the importance of dietary changes, stress-reduction and detoxification, along with effective skin care treatments and products. For clients who are experiencing acne or premature aging, you should be able to refer them to a natural health practitioner or naturopath for natural hormone-balancing, and testing for nutritional deficiencies and food allergies. There are an array of herbal remedies and supplements that are designed to improve problem skin and reverse signs of aging. However, they are best recommended by your client’s physician or a natural health practitioner to ensure your clients are prescribed the correct dosage based on their medical history and testing. Homeopathy, acupressure, reflexology, hydrotherapy and bodywork are other natural modalities that could be recommended to clients with problem skin and to help slow down the aging process.

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JoElle Lee is a licensed esthetician, speaker, educator and mentor in the esthetic industry. She is currently the personal esthetician to First Lady Michelle Obama and founder of JoElle SkinCare Products. Lee has been featured in national beauty and fashion magazines, and has been a featured guest on radio shows. She is also one of the most sought after popular lecturers and educators in the skin care industry.

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