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Parents May Contribute Acne Gene to Teens

Posted: September 22, 2009

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This, according to the researchers, raises the possibility that a genetic characteristic related to the X chromosome plays role. Everyone inherits an X chromosome from his or her mother, while fathers contribute an X chromosome to female children only.

Besides family history, there were other suspects in the high school students' acne risk, Zouboulis and his colleagues found. Teens with oily skin, for example, were more likely than their peers with "normal" skin to have moderate to severe acne. And for girls, the problem was more likely to flare up shortly before their menstrual periods. There was also evidence of a higher risk among teenagers who often ate greasy or sugary foods.

Most studies in the past have suggested that particular foods play little to no role in acne development. But, Zouboulis said, some more recent research indicates that diet may have an effect on acne severity. However, he added, it is still unclear which foods or food components might be involved.

Reuters, September 3, 2009