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Melanomas More Often Found By Dermatologists

Posted: August 25, 2009

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"Does this report, along with similar reports, provide convincing evidence that screening with full-body skin examination decreases melanoma-related mortality? The results, although provocative, are not definitive."

"At this time, we see the metaphorical glass with respect to screening for skin cancer as 'half full,'" the editorial authors conclude. "Findings from suitable reports, such as the article by Kantor and Kantor, contribute information that adds incrementally to our understanding of the issues involved. Perhaps we can sip from the glass (i.e., consider full-body skin examination to be a reasonable approach), assuming that future studies will eventually fill the remaining half with fine wine."

Journal references: 1. Jonathan Kantor; Deborah E. Kantor. Routine Dermatologist-Performed Full-Body Skin Examination and Early Melanoma Detection. Archives of Dermatology, 2009; 145 (8): 873 DOI: 10.1001/archdermatol.2009.137

2. Daniel G. Federman; John Concato; Robert S. Kirsner. Screening for Skin Cancer: Absence of Evidence. Arch Dermatol, 2009; 145 (8): 926-927