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New Gene Therapy Gets Under the Skin

Posted: June 26, 2009

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This new genetic network is a typical example of progress in synthetic biology. Researchers use known and well-characterized biological components to construct artificial networks that, in turn, are able to produce gene products such as specific proteins. Researchers can also use certain components to make biological switches which in turn allow such systems to be switched on or off.

Journal reference: M Gitzinger, C Kemmer, MD El-Baba, W Weber, M Fussenegger. Controlling Transgene Expression in Subcutaneous Implants Using a Skin Lotion Containing the Apple Metabolite Phloretin. PNAS, 22 June 2009 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0901501106

Adapted from materials provided by ETH Zurich.

ScienceDaily, June 23, 2009