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Red Sea Coral Substance Shown Effective Against Skin Cancer

Posted: May 21, 2009

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Importantly, the SDSU research found that sarcophine-diol did not significantly increase the level of the “executioner” proteins in normal cells. Sarcophine-diol had some effect on viability of healthy cells, but the results suggest sarcophine-diol is considerably more toxic to skin tumor cells than to healthy cells.

“Further investigations of sarcophine-diol in experimental models and in cell culture studies are needed to explore its mechanisms of action,” Dwivedi said. “Sarcophine-diol has excellent potential to be a potent chemotherapeutic agent that can be further investigated for use against nonmelanoma skin cancer development.”

Adapted from materials provided by South Dakota State University, via Newswise.

ScienceDaily, May 17, 2009