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Study Shows Even Natural Scents May Cause Allergic Reactions

Posted: February 6, 2009

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Preventing autoxidation

For Hagvall, these results suggest formulators should take steps to prevent autoxidation. “I think that autoxidation should be considered by formulators and producers of essential oils… more work is needed to make sure these essential oils are used in a safer way, with regard to the development of contact allergies,” she said.

Obviously there are differences between lavender and geraniol oil. With lavender, formulators need only stop autoxidation whereas even if autoxidation could be prevented in the case of geraniol, geranial could still form on contact with the skin. Having said that, Hagvall explained that the main risk for developing contact allergy to geraniol is through contact with air-exposed material as the concentrations of the allergens are higher. Therefore, preventing autoxidation is still important for geraniol, she said., February 5, 2009