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Recurrent Melanoma More Prevalent Than First Thought

Posted: April 19, 2006

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The increasing incidence of melanoma in the United States also prompted the journal to publish an editorial calling for a national, five-year plan for "enhancing prevention and early detection for melanoma." The plan, the editorial stated, should start with a randomized trial of melanoma screening in white men aged 50 and over, who have the highest rates of the disease. The editorial also discussed the possibility of providing better insurance coverage -- including Medicare and Medicaid -- for such screening.

For individuals who have been diagnosed with melanoma, Trisal suggested surveillance every six months from a dermatologist. People who have been diagnosed with a second melanoma should consider getting checked every four months.

Nouri said, "Depending on the thickness of the melanoma, they should be seen every two to six months for the first two to three years to make sure there is no recurrence."

By Amanda Gardner, HealthDay News, April 17, 2006