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Effective Long-term Treatment for Wrinkles Found

Posted: July 23, 2008

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After an average of 2.3 years of follow-up, most of these complications had resolved. Patients' scores on a scale measuring facial wrinkles improved 45% and were consistent over all areas of the face. "With the exception of one case of hyperpigmentation, which resolved within two years of treatment, hypopigmentation was the only long-term adverse effect," the authors write. "This complication was present in six patients, or 13%. The patients who developed hypopigmentation were more likely to have a greater response to treatment."

"The efficacy of treating facial rhytids or wrinkles with the carbon dioxide laser is well established, and the short- and long-term utility of the carbon dioxide laser in treating solar facial aging has previously been documented," they conclude. "Our results verify those of previous studies that found that carbon dioxide laser resurfacing leads to long-term improvement in facial rhytidosis."

Commentary: Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing still provides results

"In terms of results, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing remains the gold standard," writes Paul J. Carnoil, MD, of Summit, NJ, in an accompanying commentary.

"The number of patients who undergo carbon dioxide laser resurfacing has decreased since the 1990s," Carnoil writes. "Some of the factors contributing to this decrease include the risk of delayed permanent hypopigmentation, prolonged recovery with associated erythema or redness and the associated risks of other complications."