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Is Snake Venom Just “Snake Oil?”

By: Christine Cowheard
Posted: January 31, 2013, from the February 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
snake venom in professional skin care

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What skin types will benefit? All skin types may show improvement of crow’s-feet and forehead lines with continued and diligent use. This topical treatment will help smoker’s lines to achieve depth reduction and droopy necks may even tighten over time. DDBD has also been shown to extend the benefits of injections and surgical treatments. The ingredient works especially well under a mask to protect and nourish the delicate eye area. At the end of a treatment, it can provide a slight tightening effect.

Just Another “Snake Oil” Fallacy?

A common client concern is in regard to crow’s-feet. The test results for DDBD were conducted on humans as opposed to test tube tissue cultures. These results should be quite convincing to your clients. Your skin care supplier should be able to provide you with a printout of this information or you can easily obtain it from the Pentapharm website.

Exact proof in the anti-aging industry is hard to come by. However, the Pentapharm in vivo test showed good results for DDBD and, because this ingredient has been used steadily for more than a decade, some proof lies in its longevity. Why would today’s educated consumers continue to purchase a product if it did not give them results?

Twenty-four years ago, Christine Cowheard, founder and CEO of A Natural Difference Skincare, was a practicing esthetician working at a spa in south Florida. She has been recognized for excellence and outstanding industry achievement.