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Combining Plant Compounds and Antioxidants Increasing in Popularity

Posted: December 22, 2008

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According to the researchers, phloretin is a new addition to the antioxidant sun protection portfolio and holds particular promise due to its superior bioavailability. As getting through the skin barrier is a major problem for many cosmetic ingredients, this could make the ingredient particularly attractive to formulators.

The LOreal researchers found that a cocktail of three ingredients—ferulic acid, phloretin and vitamin C—provided significant protection against the UV-induced damage to the skin.

Green tea without side effects

In addition, recent work on green tea, well known for its protective qualities, suggests the compound may be used to protect against UV damage without its staining side effect that has so far made it unpopular as a cosmetic ingredient.

Research from scientists in Switzerland looked at the effects of applying low concentrations of green tea extracts, which will not stain, over a sustained period of time. According to the study, led by Dr. Christian D. Mnich from the University Hospital of Zurich, topical application of the green tea extract at 0.4% during a five-week period exhibited significant photochemoprotective effects.