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Industry Responds to Antioxidant News

Posted: December 19, 2008

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An industry insider, who requested to remain nameless, referred to this body of evidence as the ‘elephant in the room.’ “A large body of quality peer-reviewed studies show vitamin C and other antioxidants reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by protecting cells from free radical damage and by stimulating the production of collagen,” he said.

These thoughts are echoed by dermatologists Dr. Debbie Palmer and Dr. Jennifer Kitchin who state: “It has been demonstrated that topical antioxidant application can provide protection from sun-induced damage, retard skin aging and improve skin appearance.”

Palmer and Kitchin explain that free radicals can promote the oxidation of nucleic acids, proteins and lipids and can damage intracellular structures, including DNA. “In addition, free radicals cause an increase in the production of transcription factors such as activator protein 1, which produces metalloproteinases that can break down collagen, causing wrinkling of the skin,” they added. They also noted the body of evidence that supports the ability of antioxidants to prevent the immunosuppressant action of UV light that can promote skin cancer formation.

SOD not the only line of defense

Furthermore, Kitchin and Palmer note that superoxide dismutase (the gene knocked out in the C. elegans research) is not the only defense an organism can employ against reactive oxygen species.