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Mussels May Be Hottest New Skin Care Ingredient

Posted: July 29, 2008

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The rats were randomly divided into five groups; group one consisted of rats with induced skin burns who received no treatment; group two was made up of rats with induced skin burns who received the mussel extract twice a day; group three received the clam extract; group four the two extracts in combination; and finally group five, which was treated with the commercially available burn ointment.

Healing properties of the extracts were given a score of one, two or three, depending on the success of the skin regeneration. A score of one denotes little epidermal and dermal regeneration, a thin granular layer and significant swelling. Two describes moderate epidermal and dermal regeneration, moderate swelling and the beginnings of new capillary growth. Three is the complete regeneration of the epidermis and dermis with low swelling and significant capillary regrowth.

Regeneration speeds up with the extracts

According to the researchers, the rats treated with the mussel or clam extracts and the mixture of mussel and clam showed almost complete regeneration by day 12 with a score of three. In contrast, the untreated animals took up to 22 days to achieve a score of two and the skin did not always totally recover.

Although the mussel extract seemed to be slightly more efficient than the clam, combining the two did not appear to speed up recovery, according to the researchers. It did, however, lead to a more complete regeneration.