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Mussels May Be Hottest New Skin Care Ingredient

Posted: July 29, 2008

Mediterranean mussels and clams from the Black Sea may provide the latest regenerative skin care ingredient, according to scientists in Romania.

Wound healing properties

Lipids from Mytilus galloprovincialis L (Mediterranean mussel) and Rapana venosa (hard shell clam) were shown to have interesting burn healing properties by a team at the University of Constanza. The extracts from the two organisms were compared against a commercially available ointment containing fish oil on induced skin burns in rats.

As the two extracts illustrate significant regenerative properties, the team, led by Diane Badiu from the university's biology and biochemistry department, suggests that they could be a useful ingredient in skin care formulations.

Badiu and the team purified an extract of Mytilus galloprovincialis and of Rapana venosa both harvested in the Baia Mamaia zone Park in the Romanian sector of the Black Sea. The physiochemical characterization of the two lipid extracts was analyzed as was their healing effect on wounds.