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Fat Molecules Found to Slow Skin Aging

Posted: June 6, 2008

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While larger and longer trials are needed to confirm any therapeutic benefits, these initial findings suggest topical PA application might be a simple and natural way to slow down the biological elements underlying wrinkling.

Journal reference: Soyun Cho, Hyeon Ho Kim, Min Jung Lee, Serah Lee, Chang-Seo Park, Sang-June Nam, Jeong-Jun Han, Jin-Wook Kim, and Jin Ho Chung. Phosphatidylserine prevents UV-induced decrease of type I procollagen and increase of MMP-1 in dermal fibroblasts and human skin in vivo. Journal of Lipid Research, 49: 1235-1245
Adapted from materials provided by American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.

ScienceDaily, June 6, 2008