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Targeting Skin Renewal With Peptides

April Zangl November 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
professional skin care client applying peptide-based serum

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Peptides remain a buzz word in the world of anti-aging skin care due to their performance and their ability to be used by all skin types without causing irritation or sensitivity. It is likely that your clients have either heard of them, currently use peptide-based skin care or are interested in finding the right peptide-focused product. They continue to evolve and have developed a cult following along the way based on their results. It’s important to know where peptides originated and how they develop.

Peptides are proteins

Peptides are tiny protein fragments—think of them as a series of amino acids that improve cell communication—but the correlation of how important the composition of a peptide is to the body and skin is not always made. How exactly do protein fragments or amino acid chains improve the look and health of skin? In order to understand this, the significance proteins have within the body and skin must be realized.

Within the skin, collagen is made of protein, which is comprised of amino acids. In fact, collagen makes up for 25–35% of the whole body’s protein content,1 and this percentage is divided between at least 24 different types of collagen that contribute to everything from structural concerns, such as anchoring the skin together, to the appearance of skin’s elasticity on the surface. Awareness of the decline of collagen as a person ages, and the need to maintain healthy and ample collagen to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is increasing. Many are unaware that other protein-based structures, including laminin and elastin, contribute to skin’s strength and to an overall youthful appearance, but also decline with age, similar to collagen. The role protein plays in the body is an essential one.

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