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Heal—Don’t Feel—the Burn with Vitamin D

Vitamin D may help relieve inflammation and other effects of sunburn, according to research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and even has the potential to heal the skin.

The New Bionic Reality: Imprinted Wearables

New dimensions in 3D printing are now possible thanks to a novel process developed at the University of Minnesota. Not only could this give surgical robots the sense of touch, it could embed the human skin with biometric monitoring capabilities.

Stem Cell Aging Theories Put to the Test

Wrinkles and age spots are caused intrinsically, according to new aging theories proposed by Win L. Chiou in The Scientific Pages of Dermatology.

Microbiome Helps Level the Acne Playing Field

Acne may be the result of a flaw in the microbiome's delicate balance. Using new research, microbiome-based markers could be used to diagnose and treat the disease.

[podcast] Age of Inflammation: How Health is Driving the Microbiome Market

"I think millennial women are changing the world by doing something that’s never been done before," says Larry Weiss, M.D. "They're reading labels and asking questions." What are they looking for? Read on and listen in to learn more.

Coca-Cola: The Next Tanning Aid?

Tanning oils can be dangerous, but the latest in tanning enhancers has the potential to compromise UV protection.

The Sensitive Skin Phenomenon

A reported 50% to 80% of the U.S. population has sensitive skin, but what defines sensitive skin to the client and the consumer?

Skin Conditions and Summer: A Match Made in Irritation

Summer's heat and humidity do not agree with already compromised skin. Find which conditions thrive or hope to survive during the warmer months, and how to help clients when flare-ups occur.

Decoding the Genetics of Psoriasis

Psoriasis' genetic data was under the lens in a new study from the University of Michigan. Researchers found 16 additional genetic markers, though much is still unknown about the condition's roots.

Sunscreen: Why Your Clients Need it This Summer

Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is easily preventable. When sunscreen is used on a regular basis, your clients’ chance of developing skin cancer decreases. Here are 4 tips to help your clients be sun safe.

Sun Protection Vs. Vitamin D Production

It is critical to protect skin from the sun, but a recent study suggests that doing so may be at the expense of maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D. Is there a middle ground?

Acupuncture Proven Effective in Treating Pain in Emergency Patients

A recent report in the Medical Journal of Australia showed that patients who received acupuncture treatments were more likely to experience less pain than people that received pharmacotherapy treatments.

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