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Pediatric Patients Experience Psoriasis Differently

Psoriasis affects children and adults in different ways—despite limited research on the condition in children, new data in JAAD states that immune cells vary alongside psoriasis patient ages.

Genetic Mutations Open Doors to Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis may be caused by a single-gene mutation, according to new research published in Nature Genetics. Scientists believe the effects of the mutation could be partially corrected through glutamine supplementation.

Microbiome Compromised by Antibiotics, Antiseptics

The skin microbiome remembers antibiotic and antiseptic treatments even after their use concludes, potentially opening the door to skin infection, according to research in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

5 Ways to Use Vitamin E Oil in Your Spa

Moisture-rich vitamin E oil has the potential for a variety of applications in a spa setting, including providing relief to eczema and psoriasis symptoms while offering an antioxidant punch.

Reflections: An Education In Eczema

In the United States, 31.6 million Americans suffer from eczema, among the most affected are children. Learn how skin care professionals are treating and helping.

Ozone: The Air Down Here

Though you might think of ozone in relation to the atmosphere, ozone can also be used to treat a variety of skin and medical conditions.

Helping Clients Choose the Right Sunscreen

With so many sunscreens on the market, your clients might have questions on how to select the one that is right for them and how to make the selection less complicated.

Tattoo-removal Patch Offers ‘Tat’-ilizing Results

A clear, silicone patch is changing the tattoo removal game—Research in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine found that removal treatments using the patch could be almost three times as fast at traditional methods.

Study Shines a (Black) Light on Melasma Detection

Black light can illuminate otherwise hidden melasma symptoms, according to research in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. Researchers hope to encourage early detection of the condition.

Jar Deconstructed: Infrared and Blue Light Protection

New research is putting a light on the benefits of infrared and blue therapy treatments. What will this mean for the future of the esthetics practice?

Face & Body Southeast: A Deep Dive Into Science

Last year, you asked for more science based education for Face & Body Southeast. This year, we deliver with more educational opportunities including the Skin Inc. Live!, supplier classes and more.

Busted: 6 Sun Protection Myths

Many believe that sunscreen is only necessary on sunny days, and that a base tan is good for overall skin health—these six myths and misconceptions can prove harmful to clients' health.

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