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Skin Inc. Launches Physiology of the Skin Video Education

This new video education offering from Skin Inc. magazine features world-renowned dermatologist Zoe Draelos, MD, and is based on the popular Physiology of the Skin, Third Edition book.

Skin 'Sees' UV Light, Starts Producing Pigment

A new study reveals that melanocyte skin cells detect UV light using a photosensitive receptor previously thought to exist only in the eye.

Understanding and Fighting Winter Itch

One of the most common client complaints during winter months is dry, itchy skin. Learn both its causes and its treatments.

Invasive Melanoma May Be More Likely in Children Than Adults

Some children have a higher risk of invasive melanoma than adults.

Ingredients and Strategies to Achieve Overall Skin Health

Your clients can improve their skin health through both topical and internal means.

A Rising Consumer Understanding of Personal Care Active Ingredients Drives U.S. Product Development

A new report by Kline indicates this rise in consumer understanding is putting pressure on active ingredient manufacturers to produce innovative products.

Caffeine Lowers Risk of Skin Cancer: Coffee-based Sunscreen Might Work Best

A new Rutgers study strengthens the theory that caffeine guards against certain skin cancers at the molecular level.

Recognizing Rosacea

Find out how to identify rosacea and help clients who suffer from this devastating condition.

Hot New Ingredient: Poplar Tree Leaf Bud Extract Could Fight Skin Aging

This source of antioxidants offers potential anti-aging properties that could be used in cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations.

Peptides: Ready for Primetime?

Propelled by positive word-of-mouth, are peptides all they're cracked up to be?

New Research in Natural Ingredients

Learn about results-oriented natural ingredients that are coming down the pipeline.

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