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More Beauty Products Seeking Alternative Preservative Systems

A new Organic Monitor report details that beauty companies are looking at more eco-friendly, sustainable options for preserving products.

Stratum Corneum Described at the Molecular Level

A research team in Sweden has described the structure and function of the stratum corneum at a molecular level, providing for a deeper understanding of skin diseases, as well as the large-scale delivery of drugs via the skin.

Best Practices in the Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, one of the most common skin conditions, is one of the most difficult to treat.

Is Thyme a More Effective Acne Ingredient Than Benzoyl Peroxide?

Researchers from Leeds Metropolitan University have suggested that thyme may be an effective treatment for acne.

Antioxidant Ingredients Attract Consumers

Packaged Facts reports that products noted to have antioxidant ingredients—including foods, beverages and beauty products—are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

Hot New Ingredient: Pomegranate Flower and Vitamin C Combo for Collagen Maintenance

At In-Cosmetics in Barcelona, Cosmetochem International AG will introduce an anti-aging compound that combines vitamin C with pomegranate flower extract to boost collagen production and inhibit the breakdown of collagen, respectively.

Only on A Consumer Perspective—Skin Types and the Sensorial Experience

Skin care consultant Katerina Steventon explains the importance of recognizing the value consumers attach to the texture and fragrance of their skin care products in order to choose the right products for your clients.

Musicians at Risk for Common Skin Condition

Whether your clients play a musical instrument in your school band, as a weekend hobby, or as a professional, you may be at risk for a common skin condition.

Researchers Building Melanoma Vaccine to Combat Skin Cancer

Mayo Clinic researchers have trained mouse immune systems to eradicate skin cancer from within.

Kline Reports Consumers Driving Active Ingredient Development

According to Kline, as a consequence of consumers having greater awareness of the efficacy of certain actives, the beauty market has responded by using actives and their proven market cachet in products as diverse as skin care, makeup, hair care, male grooming products, slimming formulations, sun protection and more.

Hormonal Factors Key to Understanding Acne in Women

Acne is becoming increasingly common in older women. Because of this, client-specific treatment regimens to control acne are a must.

Psoriasis Clients Must Be Aware of Potential Link to Other Diseases

Recent information warns that the excessive inflammation common with psoriasis is also a characteristic in other serious diseases. Be sure to let your clients with psoriasis know to monitor themselves closely for signs of the diseases mentioned in this news item.

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