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Research Reveals the Skin Whitening Secrets of Korean Mulberry

The University of Hong Kong and Peking University recently discovered you can't squeeze skin whitening effects out of any old Korean or Chinese mulberry. Learn more.

The Perils of Picking

As tempting as it may feel to them at the time, when a client picks their skin—versus professional extractions—it’s a one-way ticket to worsening acne breakouts and permanent scarring.

Spotting Melanoma at Face & Body Southeast

The Skinny on Skin certification class will make its premiere at Face & Body Southeast. Learn how this class can help you potentially save a life in your spa.

Benzophenone-3 European Limits Redefined

The European Commission has issued new limitations on the use of benzophenone-3 in cosmetic sunscreens and other cosmetic applications, a dramatic shift from past European regulations.

From Sea to Shining Seaweed

Seaweed may seem like the dandelions of the sea, but the multitude of benefits of these humble sea plants are the subject of serious research. Author Lydia Sarfati discusses the types of seaweed and their uses in skin care.

Study Targets Eczema Susceptibility at Its Source

New research points the finger at the protein filaggrin as the root cause of eczema susceptibility, with the possibility of drugs to treat the condition's causes on the horizon.

Science Behind the Sunburn

What really happens when we get a sunburn? Author Dakota Blauvelt explains how UV rays change the skin and the one rule to sunscreen.

The Skin (Food) Pyramid

As consumers and estheticians or spa owners, we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information on what we should/shouldn’t eat as well as should/shouldn’t use on our skin.

Eczema Unrelated to Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D levels and eczema may not be as related as previous research has shown, according to a new study in PLOS Medicine.

New in Natural: Probiotics, Saffron Stem Cells and Monkeygrass

In 2017, a few natural ingredients on the minds of both professionals and consumers include: probiotics, saffron stem cells, squalane, tripeptide and marvel of Peru for inflammation and monkeygrass.

How Traumatic Events Affect Skin

Skin care needs could penetrate more deeply than are measurable, as recent findings on stress, trauma and skin conditions reveal.

'Built-in' SPF Myth Leads to Rising Hispanic Skin Cancer Rates

People of color don't have a built-in safety net against skin cancer as many believe, which has caused the rates of advanced skin cancer diagnoses to grow in the Hispanic population.

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