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Jane Iredale's Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in Emerald and Sapphire

Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner has added two new shades to the line. Emerald and Sapphire provide the same water-resistant powder/cream formula that won't fade or smear.


Dermalogica's Calm Water Gel

Calm Water Gel is a hydrating moisturizer that helps to soothe dry and sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid helps to penetrate multiple layers of the skin and lock in moisture.

Silicone Lid and Wax Collar from Relax & Wax

Relax & Wax's Collars and Lids use high-quality, food-grade silicone to make cleaning up after waxing easy. Hard wax easily peels off of the silicone for quick cleanup.

Saian's Botanical Stem Cell Sleeping Mask

Botanical Stem Cell Sleeping Mask features stem cell technology to reduce damage that occurs from unprotected skin exposure. The plant stem cells work to protect the skin by suppressing and inhibiting free radicals.

Saian's FirmAge Portable RF and Infrared Machine

FirmAge portable RF and Infrared machine visibly reduces wrinkles and signs of aging by stimulating collagen production in a 10-minute treatment. 

Dermalogica's Ultra Calming Barrier Defense Booster

Part of Dermalogica's Ultra Calming line, Barrier Defense Booster soothes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin while addressing common sensitive skin concerns.

Envy Medical's Dermal Balance

Dermal Balance can be used as a daily antioxidant moisturizer or as a post-procedure treatment to help smooth and improve the skin's tone and texture by enhancing cell turnover.

Body Drench's Renewing Under Eye Strips

Body Drench's Renewing Under-Eye Strips are easy to use. With a calming blend of orchid flower extracts and cucumber, these strips work to diminish puffiness and reduce dark circles. 

Sanitas Skincare's Gentle Refining Mask

Gentle Refining Mask is formulated specifically as a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin. The mask removes surface skin cells while also brightening, soothing and hydrating the skin.

Skin Script's Dark Chocolate Mint Mask

Skin Script's Dark Chocolate Mint Mask uses cocoa, glycerin and squalane as emollients to help deeply moisturize dry, flaky skin. This mask also incorporates antioxidants to protect against free radicals.

Sothys' Cosmeceutique Glysalac Dermobooster

Sothys' Cosmeceutique Glysalac Dermobooster is a resurfacing skin booster that micro-exfoliates the skin to help unclog pores and minimize breakouts. 

Nouveau Contour's META Therapy Kit

Nouvea Contour's META Therapy Kit helps to restore the skin's brightness while oxygenating the tissues, stimulating blood flow and exfoliating the skin. This kit combines the company's rejuvenation devices with skin care sets.

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