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Dear by Renée's Youth Hydra Serum

Youth Hydra Serum combines hyaluronic acid and caviar to reduce the look of fine lines caused by environmental aging.

Rhonda Allison's Mandelic Au Lait

Mandelic Au Lait combines antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients with collagen to hydrate and protect the skin while encouraging cell renewal. 

Dear By Renée's Ultra-Firming Eye Cream

Ultra-Firming Eye addresses under eye concerns including puffiness, dark circles and lack of circulation by improving tissue firmness and tone. 

Envy Medical's Lumixyl Brightening Cream

Lumixyl Brightening Cream hydrates and brightens the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark spots.

ToGoSpa’s Collagen Mask Gift Sets

Collagen Mask Gift Sets are available in anti-aging Pomegranate, hydrating Ice Water, detoxifying Charcoal and Limited Edition illuminating Silver. 

BioPhotas Inc.'s Celluma Home

Celluma Home is FDA cleared to treat wrinkles, muscle and joint pain, arthritis and compromised blood circulation at home. 

IBD Beauty's Control Gel

IBD Beauty's Control Gel allows for a strong and lightweight nail formula that completely cures with no runs. This all-in-one formula makes the entire application process easier for nail technicians. 

Medicalia’s Retinol Concentrate

Retinol Concentrate improves elasticity and dimishes the look of wrinkles, and is ideal for all mature skin types or for use as preventative care. 

Medicalia’s Lightening Cream

Lightening Cream contains Medicalia Microsphere Lightening Complex to promote cellular turnover, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and visibly lighten without photosensitizing the skin.

ABI Dermaceuticals’ Hydrogen Silk Cream

Hydrogen Silk Cream helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress with a combination of TEGO Pep 4-17 and medical-grade hyaluronic acid. 

Babor's Rejuvenating Face Oil

Rejuvenating Face Oil's combination of different oils and rosa alba extract helps calm the skin and combat stress-induced aging while boosting the skin's natural defense mechanism.

Dear By Renée's Youth Restoring Eye

Youth Restoring Eye contains a highly concentrated formula with botanicals to tighten, restore, hydrate and firm the skin around the eye area. 

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