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MuLondon’s Organic Moisturizers

Organic Moisturizers help heal the skin of dry and irritated patches by nourishing and hydrating the skin with shea butter, coconut butter and golden jojoba oil.

CryoConcepts’ CryoClear

CryoClear freezes only the epidermal layer of skin at -79°C to reduce the appearance of age spot, sun spots and skin tags. 

CryoConcepts’ CooLifting

CooLifting helps to reduce wrinkes and instantly hydrate the skin using low temperature and high pressure in a five-minute treatment. 

iS Clinical’s Active Serum

Active Serum provides both treatment for acne as well as smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles for all skin types. 

GiGi Spa’s Flex Wax

Flex Wax features a coconut oil and olive oil-based formula that helps moisturize the skin and can be removed without the use of muslin or cloth. 

Cosmedix’s Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask

Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask helps reduce hyperpigmentation and roughness for smoother, more luminous skin. 

Body Drench’s Tan Gorgeous 24 Hour Wash Off Tan

Tan Gorgeous 24 Hour Wash Off Tan provides an instant sunless tan that won't fade or transfer to clothing, but washes off with soap and water. 

Bella Schneider Beauty’s Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Self-Heating Mask

Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Self-Heating Mask helps restructure and regenerate the skin with cranberry, grapeseed oil and linoleic acid. 

Guinot’s Brume Hydra Beauté Mist

Brume Hydra Beauté Mist contains a combination of Hydrocyte Complex, trace elements and green tea extract for on-the-go facial hydration. 

Borboleta Beauty’s Lash Cleansing Brush Set

The Lash Cleansing Brush Set helps prolong the wear of lash extensions by helping to remove makeup, dirt and oils without damage. 

Guinot’s Mirific Water

Mirific Water is formulated to prevent photosensitivity with a combination of passion flower oil and mimosa extract. 

Cosmedix Shineless Oil-free Moisturizer

Shineless helps reduce the appearance of shine while firming, smoothing and brightening the skin with 0.5% lilac stem cells. 

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