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Dermatude’s Meta-Ject FX100

Meta-Ject FX100 regulates the speed of modules and varies the degree of skin exfoliation and manipulation for increased results in the same amount of time. 

FarmHouse Fresh’s Buttermilk Lavender Steeped Milk Lotion

Buttermilk Lavender Steeped Milk Lotion contains coconut milk, buttermilk, safflower and sunflower seed oils to quickly hydrate, nourish and soften the skin. 

Guinot's Eau-Neuve Energic

Eau-Neuve Energic is formulated with ginseng extract to invigorate the body and senses while enhancing the skin's youthfulness and tone. 

Skin Script Skin Care’s Strawberry Enzyme

Strawberry Enzyme contains 5% lactic acid and hibiscus flower, a gentle alternative to alpha hydroxy acids. 

iS Clinical’s Warming Honey Cleanser

Warming Honey Cleanser hydrates and moisturizes the skin while gently exfoliating and nourishing all skin types. 

Sany Skincare Inc.’s Silky Contour Serum

Silky Contour Serum is formulated with coconut oil and olive to provide a shield of multi-level protection against environmental factors. 

10 Product Launches to Watch for at Face & Body

We're excited to showcase the products that will be launching at Face & Body Northern California Spa Expo & Conference. Here's a sneak peak 10 products you can't miss. 

Nouveau Contour’s Intelligent Permanent Makeup Application Device

The Intelligent permanent makeup application device continuously measures skin resistance during micropigmentation and increases or decreases needle speed and pressure for optimal results. 

Dreamau’s Custom Nail Polish Machine

Dreamau’s custom nail polish machine can produce thousands of nail polish color variations within minutes while saving space within the salon. 

Osmosis Pür Medical Skin Care’s +Sculpt

Sculpt provides targeted fat loss using nano-current constant waveform technology to safely accelerate the detox and lipolysis needed for long-term slimming. 

Nelly De Vuyst’s BioTense Collection

The BioTense Collection of products features a full range of COSMOS and Ecocert certified organic professional and retail products. 

NeoStrata Skin Active’s Matrix Support SPF 30

Matrix Support SPF 30 features SynerG technology, which helps repair the skin's matrix and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

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