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Samantha Cham NYC’s Diamond Gold Nails

Diamond Gold Nails are created using 3D printing technology and feature custom sizing for a perfect fit that lasts up to 12 days and can be soaked off using acetone. 

4.22 Organics’ Blue Chamomile Calming Gel

Blue Chamomile Calming Gel is formulated with Phyto-Complex 5 to help repair tissue and speed healing time for sensitive and rosacea skin types. 

Organic Aromas’ Nebulizing Diffuser

Made from hand-blown Pyrex glass and plantation hardwood, the Nebulizing Diffuser uses only pressurized air to diffuse essential oils without the need for added water or carrier oil. 

My Skin Buddy’s 4 in 1 Facial Device

My Skin Buddy features ultrasonic vibration, ion care, LED light therapy and thermal heat therapy to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Santa Monica Filtration’s WAVY Bubbling Ocean Garden

WAVY uses salt water to grow seaweed and emits beach, lake or garden soil aromas while filtering pollutants from the air. 

Babor's After Sun Fluid

After Sun Fluid features rosemary extract to soothe and calm stressed and discomforted skin after sun exposure. 

4.22 Organics' Elderberry Treatment Crème with ALA

Elderberry Treatment Crème features extra virgin cold-pressed avocado oil, shea butter and Phyto-Complex 5 to combat premature aging and promote cellular turnover. 

Glamcor’s Riki Skinny Mirror

The Riki Skinny Mirror features a Bluetooth selfie function, phone clip and selfie button in addition to dimmable lighting for the perfect Instagram-worthy selfie. 

Tei Spa’s Ojo Renew

Ojo Renew is a cordless thermal microcurrent device designed to increase circulation and tone of the skin while also helping to improve the absorption and efficacy of skin care products. 

Vivacity Skincare with BREO’s Revival Toner

Revival Toner works to improve the skin's concentration of Coenzyme Q10 while increasing energy production in cells. 

Mark Lees’ Buff Bright Daily Brightening Scrub

A new facial scrub to attain a clearer-looking and more uniform complexion with routine use, without stripping hydration from the skin. 

ToGoSpa’s Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask

Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask is infused with charcoal and a combination of natural high-density marine collagen, enzymes and amino acids to draw out impurities. 

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