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iS Clinical's GeneXC Serum

GeneXC Serum is formulated with 20% time-released vitamin C to protect and repair DNA while stimulating the genes associated with hydration and antioxidant protection. 

[Slideshow]: 12 Makeup Products to Fall For

The color cosmetics market is projected to reach $77.7 billion by 2020, and was valued at $57.4 billion in 2014. Help your clients celebrate autumn with all the makeup colors of the season.

Medicalia Skincare's Medi-Refine L-Retinol Smoothing Cream

L-Retinol Smoothing Cream helps dissolve unwanted accumulations of dead cells and smooths uneven skin surfaces, and is ideal for use prior to laser resurfacing or dermabrasion procedures. 

Lightwave’s ReAct PRO 2880 LED System

ReAct PRO 2880 LED System is FDA-cleared to address fine lines, wrinkles, flaccid skin, dermal repair, acne and PDT treatments with over 2800 LEDs. 

Vie Collection’s Glyco 10 Resurfacing Acid Concentrate

Glyco 10 Resurfacing Acid Concentrate helps stimulate cellular renewal and tightens pores and refines the skin's texture with glycolic acid and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid. 

Medicalia Skincare’s Medi-Repair ‘C’ Serum with Oxyzomes

‘C’ Serum with Oxyzomes features vitamins C and E to help counteract photo damage, reduce fne ines, reduce wrinkles and firm the skin. 

Waxing Kara’s Serenity Spa Tower

The Serenity Spa Tower features five cruelty-free products that are made in the USA and include messages for wisdom, clarity, grounding, peace and strength. 

Waxing the City’s Makeup Line for Brows

Waxing the City’s brow makeup collection includes eybrow pencils, brow powder, brow gel, highlighter pencils, an angled brush and a pencil sharpener to help clients keep their brows looking their best between waxing appointments. 

Babor’s Hydro Rx

The Hydro Rx range or products includes Hyaluron Serum, Hyaluron Cream, 3D Hydro Gel Face Mask and 3D Hydro Gel Eye Pads. 

Eco Garden’s Skin Shield Toning Mist

Skin Shield Toning Mist is formulated with aloe vera, rose water and bergamot to help lock in moisture while protecting the skin from environmental stress. 

ProSun International’s AquaFrixio and RenuvaSkin FSR Red Light

AquaFrixio and RenuvaSkin FSR provide trackless hydro massage and red light therapy. Both modalities can be operated by the client via the control screen and timer system. 

MDSolarSciences’ Mineral KidCrème SPF 40

Mineral KidCrème SPF 40 features a non-nano zinc formula and is water-resistant up to 80 minutes. Safe for children 6 months and older, the formula is fragrance-free, oil-free and non-greasy. 

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