Spa Quality Assessment

Give yourself one point for every “Yes” and 0 for every “No” or “Don’t know” response.

1. Does the spa staff use the defined vision, mission and values on a daily basis?

2. Are the key processes of the spa business and operations, and their interactions defined?

3. Do you have a list of all of the documents and records required for the spa?

4. Does the spa staff have a way of knowing that all the documents they use are the most current?

5. Are the impacts on the entire system considered when changes are made?

6. Are regularly scheduled assessments of the key policies, processes and interactions done by spa staff?

7. Does the spa collect data on measurable objectives?

8. Does the spa evaluate key performance indicator (KPI) data on a regular basis?

9. Does the spa determine client-specific information regarding treatments and service requirements?

10. Are written policies, procedures and records of treatments and services maintained?

11. Are the requirements clearly communicated for managing a seamless client experience?

12. Is data collected to determine client perception?

13. Can you prove that the methods of sanitation used by the spa are effective in destroying biological organisms?

14. Are records maintained to demonstrate that maintenance was performed as planned?

15. Is inventory stock rotated to ensure that the first in is used first?

16. Is the waste of products and supplies monitored?

17. Are there processes in place to predict or anticipate problems?

18. Are there records of actions taken to eliminate problems?

19. Does the spa determine the effectiveness of actions taken to eliminate problems?

20. At least annually, does the top management evaluate both the effectiveness and efficiency of the spa business—more extensively than just financials?