Natural Vitamin E Sources

Natural foods contain the following amounts of alpha tocopherol.3 Use the relationship of 1 mg of vitamin E equals 1 international unit (IU) of vitamin E. This is d-alpha tocopherol.

Wheat germ oil (215.4 mg/100 g)

Sunflower oil (55.8 mg/100 g)

Almond oil (39.2 mg/100 g)

Hazelnut (26.0 mg/100 g)

Walnut oil (20.0 mg/100 g)

Peanut oil (17.2 mg/100 g)

Olive oil (12.0 mg/100 g)

Peanuts (9.0 mg/100 g)

Corn (2.0 mg/100 g)

Asparagus (1.5 mg/100 g)

Oats (1.5 mg/100 g)

Chestnut (1.2 mg/100 g)

Coconut (1.0 mg/100 g)

Tomatoes (0.9 mg/100 g)

Carrots (0.6 mg/100 g)

Goat’s milk (0.1 mg/100ml)