Treatment How-to: Honeysuckle Ginger Dew Treatment

From Springs Eternal Spa at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa in Bedford Falls, Pennsylvania

The Springs Eternal Spa is a full-service, 30,000-square-foot destination spa centered on the healing waters of the Eternal Spring, one of eight natural springs surrounding the property. The spring was discovered during the resort’s renovation, and its waters are used throughout the spa and resort. The Springs Eternal Spa offers luxurious accommodations for treatments, therapies, fitness and relaxation-oriented pursuits.

Treatment duration: 50 minutes

Treatment cost: $105

Supplies needed:

Black walnut scrub

Honeysuckle and cucumber root lotion

Cucumber root hydrating mist

Equipment needed:



Warm aquatic pillows

Wet table

Shower (stand-in or Vichy)

Step 1: Make sure the treatment room is very warm. Place heated aquatic pillow on top of the wet table, as well sheets and towels. The room setup should mirror your spa’s normal wet treatment table setup.

Step 2: Greet the client, explain the service and ask whether they have any health concerns. Women who are pregnant should not have this treatment, and contraindications for traditional massage apply.

Step 3: Lead the client to the wet room and explain that, during the time you are out of the room, she should remove her clothing and get under the bath sheet on the wet table lying face up.

Step 4: After re-entering the room, the service should start with a quick check of the water temperature across the feet using a handheld shower.

Step 5: Wet the front of the body and, using your hands, lather black walnut scrub on the client with light, massaging strokes. This exfoliates the skin, leaving it re-energized and silky smooth once rinsed.

Step 6: Help the client turn over by lifting the sheet for privacy, and then continue the scrub on the back of the body. The total application time of the scrub is 20 minutes.

Step 7: Exchange the wet drape for a new warm, dry bath sheet, and dry off the client.

Step 8: Next, apply honeysuckle and cucumber root lotion from limb to limb using long, relaxing strokes.

Step 9: Finally, spritz the body with cucumber root hydrating mist for an energizing finish to the service.