Treatment Recipe: The Grapefruit-Mint Signature Treatment

From The Secret Garden Inn & Spa in Weaverville, NC

The Secret Garden Inn & Spa is a bed-and-breakfast and spa rich with Appalachian flair nestled in the picturesque mountains of Western North Carolina. It combines the area’s Appalachian heritage with Asian spa rituals, as well as the beauty and peace of the property’s Japanese gardens.

Treatment duration: 120 minutes


Treatment cost: $169

Supplies needed:

Sea salt scrub

Grapefruit mint organic shea butter


Organic grapefruit mint massage oil

Eucalyptus oil

Step 1: Greet your guests, and ensure that they have completed an intake form detailing their medical history. Offer them tea or water for a refreshing introduction to the treatment. Those clients in the first trimester of pregnancy, or who are allergic to nut-based oils or citrus, should not be given this service.

Step 2: Escort guests to a treatment room, and ask them the disrobe and lie on the treatment table face up.

Step 3: After allowing a sufficient amount of time, return to the room and perform energy work, such as lightly shaking the body and breathing deeply to center both yourself and the client.

Step 4: With a light touch, apply the sea salt scrub to the entire body in order to exfoliate and awaken the skin.

Step 5: After removing the scrub, smooth a light application of grapefruit mint organic shea butter on the skin, wrapping each part of the body in a towel after the shea butter is applied to create a warm, citrusy feeling. The wrap should stay on for 15–20 minutes while you navigate around the body.

Step 6: After unwrapping the client from the citrus cocoon, escort to either a claw-footed or jetted tub, allowing the client to soak and relax for about 15 minutes.

Step 7: Now that the pores are open and the skin is alive and refreshed, ask the client to return to the treatment table and lie either faceup or facedown based on preference. Allow the client to smell eucalyptus oil when facedown to keep the nasal passages clear.

Step 8: Provide a 60-minute, full-body custom massage that fits the client’s needs, such as Swedish or deep tissue. Use organic grapefruit mint massage oil, and turn the client over to complete the second half of the massage.

Step 9: Inform the client when the massage is complete, and invite the client to take time getting into a robe.

Step 10: Escort clients into a quiet meditation area to sit and relax in order to prolong the enjoyment of the treatment. Offer them more water or tea, and encourage them not rush off. Once they feel ready, they may lead themselves back to the reception area.