Treatment How-to: Rejuvenating Peel for Men

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $125–175

Contraindications: Do not perform if client is taking multiple medications, including tretinoin or isotretinoin; is under physician’s care; has a sunburn or upcoming outdoor activities planned within 2–4 weeks; has aspirin allergies or sensitivities; or has any open wounds.

Supplies and equipment needed:

4 x 4 gauze squares

Facial steamer

2 glass beakers

Firm square brush

Eye pads

Gauze (optional)

Heated warm compress

Hand-held fan

Disposable gloves

Products needed:

Lactic acid and tequila cleansing wash

Salicylic cleansing pads

Papaya enzyme

Salicylic and salicylate toner with sake, minerals and specialty teas

Rice wine, pyruvic and phytic acid solution

Retinol skin-corrective serum

Mineral (zinc) and antioxidant day cream

Step 1: Ask the client to complete a consultation form. Before the treatment, discuss any issues of concern regarding the form. Next, walk the client to the treatment room and ask him to lay face up on the treatment bed.

Step 2: Moisten skin with a water-dampened 4 x 4 gauze to remove surface oils. Apply lactic acid and tequila cleanser to the skin, and begin to work it in with circular massage movements. As the cleanser becomes matte, moisten hands and massage it into a lather. Continue to work the product into the skin to deeply cleanse for 3–5 minutes. Optional: You may also use steam with this step.

Step 3: Remove cleanser with warm, wet gauze and rinse several times to thoroughly remove cleanser.

Step 4: Apply one salicylic cleansing pad across skin with firm pressure to pick up any excess oil, while working deeper into the pores.

Step 5: Place one teaspoon of the papaya enzyme in a glass beaker. Using a firm brush, apply evenly to the face and neck. Place eye pads over the eyes and steam for 10 minutes, or occlude skin with a thin gauze layer and heated wet compress. Remove enzyme with a wet 4 x 4 gauze and perform several rinses. Blot the skin dry with a tissue or dry gauze.

Step 6: Saturate two inches of gauze with salicylic and salicylate toner, and smooth into skin with firm pressure. After performing this step, inspect the gauze for a yellow residue, which indicates that lipids have lifted from pores.

Step 7: Place eye pads on the client and provide him with a hand-held fan, in case of intense heat. Men are often more sensitive than women when it comes to stinging sensations. Remind the client when you hand them the fan to use it if the stinging becomes too intense. Be sure to wear disposable gloves for this step.

Step 8: Pour the rice wine, pyruvic and phytic acid peel solution into a glass beaker. Dip a firm square brush into the solution and carefully apply one layer evenly to the face and neck. Wait about 5–7 minutes while the solution fully absorbs into the skin.

Step 9: Apply the retinol skin-corrective serum and let it remain on the skin.

Step 10: Finish by applying a mineral and antioxidant day cream to shield the skin from environmental elements.

Step 11: Instruct the client to do nothing to the skin for 24–48 hours, other than mild rinses in the shower and applying a mineral-based sunscreen daily. He should avoid hot steam and any heat exposure. The skin will be somewhat tight, but not uncomfortable, and flaking will begin on day three or four once cleansing resumes. Have the client return in seven days for a relaxing barbershop express clean up, which includes a cleanse and enzyme application, followed by a nourishing topical and warm towel, and finished with an SPF application.

Rejuvenating Peel for Men