Facial Protocol With Massage

Cost: $65–100

Duration: 60 minutes

Contraindications: These are specific to the individual products used; please consult the product manufacturer.


Products needed:

pH-balanced cleanser

Nutritive astringent toner

Disencrustation fluid

Topically beneficial massage cream, oil, gel or lotion

Hydrating/nourishing mask

Calming moisturizer

Broad-spectrum SPF


Equipment and supplies needed:




Fan brush


Warm water


Loop extractor (if applicable)


Step 1: Cleanse using a pH-balanced cleanser appropriate for the client’s skin type and pat dry

Step 2: Tone the skin using a nutritive astringent toner on a sponge.

Step 3: Apply exfoliating mask or disencrustation fluid using cotton or a fan brush. Allow the product to remain on the skin throughout the steaming process.

Step 4: Steam the skin for 5–10 minutes, ensuring the mask is removed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Disencrustation fluids are typically most effective when used for 5–10 minutes before extractions.

Step 5: Perform extractions (if applicable).

Step 6: Conduct a 15–20 minute massage using a topically beneficial massage cream, oil gel or lotion. General manipulations intended to stimulate circulation will benefit all skin types and conditions. Specific massage techniques can also be utilized when appropriate for the client’s skin.

Step 7: Remove massage medium using a nutritive astringent toner or warm water.

Step 8: Apply a hydrating/nourishing mask using gloved hands or a fan brush. Allow the mask to remain on the skin for the length of time specified by the manufacturer.

Step 9: Remove completely with water or as directed.

Step 10: Hydrate and protect using a calming moisturizer and broad-spectrum SPF product appropriate for the client’s skin type.