Face & Body Midwest 2012 Advanced Education Takeaways

Attendees pulled critical takeaways to implement into their businesses at Face & Body Midwest 2012. The three-day conference and expo kicked off on Saturday, March 12, at McCormick Place West, and setting the pace for the weekend was the product-neutral Advanced Education Conference Program. Following are highlights from this year’s Business Solutions, Treatment Techniques, Skin Science and Medical Esthetics tracks.

Business Solutions

Build your Brand, Create your Culture and Grow your Business

Attendees of this session walked away with an understanding of how to start or improve their branding plan and the tools they need to grow their business through building a strong spa culture.

Deedee Crossett, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

The Secret Promo Code—A Breakthrough Guide to Growing Your Medical Spa

T.A.G.–Three months out, Action items and Goals! This breakthrough new formula gave attendees a three-step formula for a full year of marketing efforts. Whether starting a new spa or looking to boost your existing business, this simple formula and presentation was packed with over 100 take away ideas that armed attendees with explosive knowledge to reinvigorate spa sales. From the WIFM (what’s in it for me) approach to the TOIB (teaser, offer, immediacy and brand) strategy, this lecture served as a Marketing 101 course for the new era of esthetics.

Tracy L. Drumm, IF Marketing

How to Become Invincible to Lawsuits and Save Thousands in Taxes

This session covered proven and effective strategies to achieving financial peace of mind by learning how to properly structure assets to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes and eliminate all estate taxes. Attendees learned techniques most advisors are unaware of.

Larry Oxenham, American Society for Asset Protection

Not Your Mom’s PR: How to Manage Your Reputation in the Digital Age

Public Relations is not just about media mentions and feature stories. It’s also about managing your reputation and social media outlets provide the ideal opportunity to engage and connect directly with your customers in the digital world.

Darlene Fiske, The Fiske Group: Public Relations and Marketing Strategies
Debra Locker, Locker Public Relations

Treatment Techniques

Health Challenged Skin: Common Issues Facing Clients and the Effects of Skin Care Treatments

The future of esthetics provides us with a unique partnership in the overall health of our clients, coaching them for optimal health and wellness; it broadens our client base and provides personal satisfaction beyond measure.

Elaine Sauer, Industry Consultant

Expanding Your Services With Makeup Applications & Lessons

Attendees discovered advanced makeup techniques including how to determine everyone’s best makeup colors, selecting the perfect foundation and contouring tips, plus improved their beauty knowledge to confidently add makeup applications and lessons to client services.

Donna Mee, Donna Mee Inc.

The Healing Art of Kundalini Massage

This session was designed to teach the theory and ideas behind this specialized massage along with the techniques to properly work with Kundalini.

Beata Luberda-Goodman and Laura Fields, New Age Spa Institute

Men’s Intimate Body Waxing

This class is designed to inspire and re-energize your intimate body wax business, and how to market this service to men.

Andy Rouillard, International Beauty Systems Group

Skin Science

Stem Cell Technology and the Skin

Attendees learned more about the latest innovations in topical stem cell technology and how these exciting ingredients can be incorporated into preventative and corrective skin care.

Ivana Veljkovic, PhD, PCA Skin

The Epigenome: Where the Environment and Genome Meet

The epigenome is the genes' manager. Epigenetics is how genes are expressed. Aging is believed to be largely a result of the wrong genes being turned on. Clock genes are how and why skin changes from morning to night because they control the circadian rhythms of skin.

Rebecca James Gadberry, YG Labōratories

Inflammation and Skin Aging

The bottom line of aging: Chronic (daily) invisible (subclinical) inflammation sustained over a lifetime is the underlying cause of aging. This means aging can be slowed and some forms may even be prevented.

Michael Q. Pugliese, Circadia of Dr. Pugliese

Telomere Aging and Skin

Losing stem cells is more detrimental than losing differentiated cells.

Christine Heathman, GlyMed Plus

Medical Esthetics

Subliminal Difference and Powers of First Impressions

Subliminal Difference uses an evolutionary approach to guide treatments—relying on humankind’s innate desires for beauty shaped over millions of years. It was designed using non-surgical treatments to strategically improve physical appearance along with self- esteem, resulting in the immediate projection of a more attractive first impression.

Jack Arkins, True University Esthetics

Bringing USDA Certified Organics Into the Medical Esthetics Field

Learn about the ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), the antioxidant Kakadu plum and how you can be one of the first facilities in the world to offer a USDA-certified organic facial in combination with medical technology.

Niko Papadatos, Niko Cosmetics

Cosmetic Medicine and Esthetics—The 5 Trends You Need to Know

Attendees of this session will take away information on how estheticians can play a role with the current trends in Cosmetic Medicine while staying within their scope of practice.

Terri Wojak, True University Esthetics

Oncology Esthetics: Our Role as Estheticians

Certification in Oncology Esthetics provides the only knowledge and credibility to safely service individuals that have been affected by cancer. Remember: 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

Jean Schmitz, Touch for Cancer Online