Characteristic Questions

Such questions can help you determine which job candidate is the best for your spa’s open position.

Positive attitude: In the past has there ever been a time when you weren’t sure about this profession? Why, and how did you overcome those thoughts?

Continuing education: What does continuing education mean to you? What have you accomplished in the past in terms of education, and what are you most proud of in this regard?

Self-motivated: How do you see your future evolving? What are you doing to progress your career?

Honesty and integrity: Describe a situation that may have compromised your honesty or integrity. How did you handle that situation?

Punctual: How did you feel the last time you had to wait for someone?

Attention to detail: What has been the best service you have ever received? Why was it the best?

Good appearance and image: How would your friends describe your style and image?

Team player: Have you ever been in a situation in which more than two or three people had to work together to achieve a certain goal? What was your role in that group? How did you feel during the process?

Great communicator: What makes you want to listen to someone intently? What skills do you possess that would have individuals listen to you?

Handles conflict well: Describe a situation in which you had to handle a conflict that was uncomfortable for you.

Passionate about work: What are the things you like best about work? What are the things about work that do not appeal to you?

Open to change: How do you feel when you walk into a grocery store and everything is moved around?

Looking for a career, as opposed to a job: What do you see your future looking like in two, five and 10 years? How will you know you have achieved what you have seen in your future?