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How Your Liver is Causing Acne

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Acne is a skin concern that so many clients struggle with on a day-to-day basis. Lisa Stewart, founder Solia Spa, discussed how our thinking on the cause of acne is actually all wrong at the Face & Body Midwest conference on July 29, 2019. In fact, Stewart discussed how there could be a completely holistic approach to acne that we had no idea about.

What Actually Causes Acne

Stewart  began by explaining that Anthony William was the person to discover that acne is not as hormone driven as we believe. Instead, it comes from a bacteria in the liver that is called Streptococcus. This bacteria lives in the liver, and it is always in the body. However, when it travels up from the liver through body and into the fat of the face is when acne is caused.

Even though this bacteria is constantly living in the body the reason it travels up to the face and causes breakouts is due to a weakened immune system. So where do we get this confused with hormonal acne? Stewart explained that when women are menstruating their immune system is 80% weaker than it normally is, and this is often the same case for teenagers during puberty. What we have believed has been linked to hormonal changes is acne due to a weakened immune system and a strep bacteria that grows in the liver.

Back to Diet

Food is a big part in healing acne. Fruits and vegetables are the immune system’s best friend, and is an absolute necessity when it comes to avoiding those cystic, previously thought to be hormonal, acne breakouts. “Think of it this way; if God made it, eat it. If man made it, don’t eat it.” Stewart further explained on what to keep in their diet.

When discussing this dietary aspect to clients, be sure to stay in your scope of practice. You are not a dietitian or nutritionist so you can suggest these tips to your clients to help clear up their skin. However, when discussing it with them, if they say it is not a feasible for their lifestyle explain to them that in the long run this is going to be the best for their skin.

Acne in the Treatment Room

Manual lymphatic drainage is always amazing when it comes to treating acneic skin. There is no right or wrong when it comes to where to start for lymphatic drainage. Listen to your gut; the most important thing is that you want lymphatic to flow to the heart. Lightly use pumping motions leading toward the heart.

When it comes to extractions you need to pick and choose what your best options are. It’s important to remember that not all of the pimples popped up overnight, so you do not have to try and get rid of every single one in one session. Choose the ones that are ready for the skin. While some estheticians think that doing extractions could spread the acne, Stewart explained how the acne wouldn’t spread since the strep is already in the skin. Extracting the white or yellow heads will not change this or cause it to spread even further in the skin.


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