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Dear by Renée

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Founded in Los Angeles, this advanced clinical skin care line provides the most professional and convenient skincare solutions for every skin concern. Based on years of experience in the skincare industry, our products contain naturally-derived ingredients, combined with the latest in advanced dermatology technologies to provide amazing skin improvements. All Dear by Renée products contain a high concentration of active ingredients, enabling them to deeply penetrate the skin to repair targeted skin cells while protecting against future damage. Offering proven and safe formulas, free of harmful add-ons such as mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, SD Alcohol 40 and others to cure skin without harmful chemicals. 

Products from Dear by Renée

Dear by Renee's 7 in 1 Rejuvenator Serum

7 in 1 Rejuvenator Serum hydrates and protects the skin while fighting against aging and redness. 

Dear by Renee's Purifying Kaolin Mask

Purifying Kaolin Mask detoxifies, purifies and filters the skin while lightly exfoliating the skin for a refreshed and renewed complexion.

Dear by Renee's Clarify Crème

Clarifying Crème hydrates, purifies, clarifies and balances the skin for a clean and balanced complexion while delivering antioxidants to the skin.