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Beauty Twitter is Changing: New Data

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Beauty accounts for 118.4 million Tweets on the platform in the past year. Of this conversation, makeup, skin, hair and nails are the most popular topics.

In the past year, there were more than 118 million tweets about beauty, with the most talked about topics being skin care and makeup. This data comes from a study conducted by Sprinklr, which analyzed the top global 400 Twitter profiles and the top 250 hashtags in the Twitter beauty space from July 2019 to July 2020.

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Who Tweets

Almost half (43%) of those participating in beauty conversations are male-identifying. With brands like Fenty Beauty and Chanel launching or expanding their own men's lines, it looks like this trend might be generating real change in the beauty space.

At the same time, 95% of the conversation about beauty comes from unverified users and 54% of the beauty conversation is from Gen Z. 

The driving forces on Twitter in the beauty realm are beauty influencers, beauty brands and beauty fans.

Top beauty influencers leading the conversation include the troubled @JeffreeStar with 96.6 million engagements, @KimKardashian with 54.9 million and @shanedawson with 41.9 million.

How They Tweet

Overall, less than half of all the tweets about beauty include photos.

When tweeting, 59% of influencer tweets are text-based, with one in five tweets being quoted status and one in seven tweets contain a photo. 

Beauty brands tweeted 56% text-based tweets, with one in four being photos and one in 10 including a link. 

On the beauty fan side, 44% of tweets comprise photos, one in seven are text-based and one in four are links.

What They Tweet

Currently, the top beauty Twitter trend is makeup, with 37.6 million tweets in the past year referring to makeup. This comprises 26.1% of the conversation.

Other trends include skin, with 6.4 million tweets, making it 13.9% of the conversation; hair, with 8.1 million tweets; and nails, with 1.8 million tweets. 

Over the first six months of the pandemic, when people began gravitating to the no-makeup look while staying indoors, Twitter saw a 23% increase in conversation about natural beauty in the United States.

When and Where They Tweet

More than half of the beauty conversation has originated from the United States, comprising 58% of the total. United Kingdom contributes 13.2%, Nigeria 7.7% and France 3.7%. 

October 2019 saw the highest volume of beauty tweets, as did Wednesdays and noon U.S. EST in general.