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Trending: Glabellar Lines, Inner Eyeliner and Soap Brows

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Soap brows have been trending since 2020 and are still going strong.

Spate has launched its most recent consumer report on the trending products in the United States.

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Glabellar Lines

Glabellar lines, or frown lines, have 6k searches in the United States every month. The interest in it has grown 32.6% since last year. 

Spate recommends focusing on education and message as consumer's skin care vocabulary is evolving.

Inner Eyeliner

On average, there are 5.5K searches for inner eyeliner a month with interest increasing 77.4% since last year.

Brands such as NYX, KVD Beauty and Merle Norman are being searched alongside this trend.

Consumers are looking for new ways of using eyeliner, from inner wings to butterfly to floating styles.

Soap Brows

This trend is nothing new, as consumers have been looking for a product to help achieve full brows that stay in place since before lockdown.

Currently, there are 37.5K searches for soap brows every month with interest increasing 124.9% since last year.

As the technique becomes more mainstream, consumers are still turning to Pears soap, the top searched brand in the space, for this solution.