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Spate: US Trends in Scalp, Hair Care, Lashes and Nails

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Spate's latest U.S. consumer trend reports indicate a growing interest in scalp care, colored lash extensions and tapered square nails.

Spate’s latest reports indicate a growing interest in finding new ways to remove product buildup and promote healthier scalps and hair. There are also growing trends in colored lash extensions and tapered square nails.

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Scalp Health

According to Spate, there is an average of 1.4K searches every month in the United States for "scalp scaler." This is medium volume compared to other hair care products, with an increase of 18.5% since last year. There is very low competition with minimal brand searches and no market leaders.

Scalp scaling is a trend that originates from K-beauty and is a way to remove product buildup, dead skin, and debris from the scalp. Korean hair experts promote scalp health to maintain healthy, thick, youthful hair.

Related searches alongside scalp scaler include terms such as reviews and Reddit—demonstrating that consumers are still in research mode. Many of the related searches for this trend are low in volume indicating this trend is relatively new.

Spate reports that consumers are increasingly seeking out methods to treat scalps and support hair health. Searches for scalp-centric treatments like scalp scrub and scrub massage have increased 22.4% and 9.6%, respectively. Scalp flakes searches increased 47.6%, tender scalp searches increased 27.6% and dry scalp searches increased 7.9%.


Colored lash extensions are a trend that significantly jumped, with a 159.7% increase in searches since last year. The average searches per month is low compared to other makeup services (2.4k), and there are no related color searches within colored lash extensions, but the strong percentage increase suggests it is still a relatively new trend.

According to Spate, fake eyelashes are declining, while eyelash extensions are increasing. This suggests that consumers are looking for more permanent and convenient solutions. Other rising lash trends include cat eyelashes (67.4% increase) and half lashes (90.9% increase).

Top colors searched alongside colored mascara and fake eyelashes include green, auburn, white, and maroon.

Nail Art

As consumer interest in nail art rises, new shapes offer blank canvases for different designs. Spate reported an average of 35.5K searches every month in the United States for tapered square nails. This is high volume compared to other nail art searches, with an increase of 133.1% since last year.

Other terms searched alongside tapered square nails include long/short/medium (referring to length), comparisons of different shapes, and differing attributes like acrylic, white, ombre, French and black. There is also growth in other popular nail shapes including stiletto (15.4% increase), almond (71.5% increase) and coffin (9.2% increase).

Nail art searches increased 20.8%, with top growing designs including swirl nails, smiley face nails, black tip nails and anime nails. 

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